The unknown story of the first African world boxing champion:


The unknown story of the first African world boxing champion:

Louis Mbarick Phall says Battling Siki. Born on September 16, 1897 in Saint Louis, Senegal, he was noticed by a Dutch dancer who offered him to take him to Europe when he was barely 13 years old.

Battling Siki was the first African to become world champion. Siki will not escape racism throughout his career. Some French newspapers call it the ′′ championze ′′ by reference to chimpanzee or much more explicitly the ′′ rings gorilla ′′ or ′′ the child of the jungle “, ′′ the wild child “.

The uncompromising newspaper even titled ′′ Siki would give half of his victories to become white “. His own manager is not left as he says in the press that ′′ Siki has monkey in him “. September 24 1922, he crushed Georges Carpentier and became champion of France, Europe and the world.

The fight had been ′′ arranged ′′ for the benefit of Great Georges, but the latter had wanted, in front of an audience who came to see him teach the lesson, to hit his opponent hard. ′′ Battling ′′ Siki had not accepted it, warned him several times then ended up fighting without restraint, until he extended his opponent to the general surprise.

Battling Siki has long been ostraced by the federation French boxing who fell him from his titles valiantly conquered because he was black. Tired of suffering racism in France, Battling Siki flies to the United States where racism is even more virulent in his place. On December 15, 1925, his body was found riddled with bullets at the foot of a building in New York. He was only 28 years old