Pep Guardiola’s team-mates have left him out of a WhatsApp group because of his political views on Catalonian independence.


‘I feel very bad when he speaks badly of Spain,’ Canizares said, according to Marca. ‘I do not know when his brain mutated. Neither his nor that of a large part of the society that makes us face each other.

‘My experience with him is that. Politics were discussed with pleasure, nothing to do with the history that there is now, whether Guardiola is involved or not. Now everything is disgusting, we no longer tolerate each other. I have lost contact with him.’

‘Guardiola is one of the great disappointments that I have had in the world of football,’ he said to Marca in June. ‘The only thing I attribute to Pep are his statements, his ideology, which I do not share. 

‘It is not about independence. It is about people being in jail when they did nothing to deserve it,’ Guardiola said in response. ‘I broke the rules, I accept the fine.